• Q: I will need WiFi to transact credit cards.  When will this information be available?
  • A: We are working through the final details of a very robust, dependable WiFi network to serve the needs of our Vendors  and the entire resort.  Information and pricing will be communicated soon.
  • Q: What type of on-site storage will be available?
  • A: A variety of onsite storage options will be available, including pods.  A very limited number of parking spaces will be available on property for larger box trucks and trailers containing inventory.
  • Q: I understand each of my employees must go through a background check and provide a photo to receive access credentials.  How should I submit this information?
  • A: It is correct that employees will be subject to a background check, and must provide a photograph, to receive their credentials.  Forms and instructions will be communicated soon.
  • Q: I am interested in bulk space to setup a large display. Can I reserve bulk space?
  • A: Yes. We do have plans for bulk space in the Vendor area, outside of the vendor village and in-line with the attendee traffic. Please send an email to Vendors@TryonWEG.com with details around your plans, how much space will be needed, and any special needs that we should understand.
  • Q:   I am hoping to reserve a larger space that what is shown in the Booth availability list.    Are larger booth spaces available?
  • A:  Yes, we will make larger booth spaces available in most cases, depending on space availability.   Please complete the application process and send an email to vendors@tryonweg.com with details around the size space you are hoping to secure.
  • Q: Do I have to sign up for the full 13 days or is there a shorter time option?
  • A: Initially we will be looking for vendors interested in participating for the duration of the Games. If space is available later this Summer, we may offer other options.
  • Q: How will space assignments be determined?
  • The following criteria will be followed for assigning spaces from applications received and approved: 1) the order in which the application is received; 2) the length of time and size requested; and 3) compatibility with other vendors in the same area. Vendor space preferences are weighed with the applicant’s choice, but it must be recognized that there may be several applicants for the same exhibit space.
  • Q: How do I reserve an RV spot?
  • A: You will be able to reserve a RV spot on the application. A limited number of RV spots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis and will be assigned using this criteria: 1) the order in which the application is received, 2) application approval and deposit received.
  • Q: The application allows me to order one of each item. What if I need to order two or more of a specific item?
  • A: Complete and submit the application and send an email to vendors@tryonweg.com indicating the number of items needed.
  • Q: How do I obtain a parking pass?
  • A: Vendors will be issued with one (1) parking pass for a 10 x 10 booth. Additional passes up to a maximum of three (3) may be available for larger booths. Names of staff members and vehicle license plate are to be submitted for each Parking Pass.
  • Q: What are the floor hours for the Vendors during the event?
  • A: Vendors hours will be from 8am – 9pm daily.

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