EMPLOYEE CREDENTIALS: Two (2) employee credentials are provided for every 100 sq. ft of booth space; additional employee passes can be purchased. Email Kent Holden at kholden@tryonweg.com for the digital link to register your employees. DO NOT email a list of names unless requested to do so.

Assign (1) Staff member to collect employee credentials from the Accredidation office located at: 4066 Pea Ride Rd., Mill Spring NC 28756

ONSITE PARKING: Each vendor is allocated (1) onsite parking pass. These will be distributed during set up. Address: 4066 Pea Ridge Rd., Mill Spring NC 28756

OFFSITE PARKING: Offsite parking passes will be distributed during set up to approved vendors. This parking lot will be open from September 11th through September 23rd. A mini bus service is provided from to the venue.
Address: 6985 NC-9, Columbus NC 28722 – Without an Offsite Parking Pass the daily charge is $20.00

SPACE ASSIGNMENTS: The following criteria will be followed for assigning spaces from applications received and approved:

  1. the order in which the application is received;
  2. the length of time and size requested; and
  3. compatibility with other vendors in the same area.

Vendor space preferences are weighed with the applicant’s choice, but it must be recognized that there may be several applicants for the same exhibit space. Vendor reservations cannot be held until the deposit is received. Submitting an Application does not guarantee
acceptance to the Event. Exhibitors must meet quality standards and exhibit categories. Applications received after March 1, 2018 will be processed on a “space available” basis. Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC reserves the right to refuse any application without explanation.

FEE PAYMENT SCHEDULE: FEE PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Signed contracts must be accompanied by a minimum of 50% security deposit. Deposit is due upon approval, with the full balance of the vendor fee is due April 1st 2018. Applications received after March 1, 2018 are to be paid in full at time of application. Security Deposit will be processed upon approval. Non-refundable.

Security Deposit will be processed upon approval. Non-refundable.

INITIAL SET-UP: Each vendor is responsible for scheduling arrival with the vendor management. Set-up schedule will be advised no later than July 2018.

OPENING HOURS: Each vendor must be in place one hour prior to the opening on each show day (8am at the latest) and must have personnel at its booth area during all show hours. Vendors can close no sooner than 2 hours after the show has finished each day. Show times will be posted prior to the Event. For the opening day, Tuesday September 11th, vendors are to be open at 4pm. For Community Day, September 17th, vendors are to be open at 10am and close at 5pm.

REMOVAL OF INSTALLATION: Each vendor must be removed by midnight Wednesday September 26th 2018 or in accordance with the listed schedule, whichever is the sooner. Vendors will be assigned removal time after the event closes Sunday, September 23rd , 2018. Vehicles will only be allowed in vendor area for initial set-up and teardown at management’s discretion. Vehicles will not be allowed in the vendor area at any other time.

SECURITY: to safeguard vendor’s property either during the show or after shows hours is the vendor’s responsibility. All property left in the booth during the show or after the show will be left at the vendor’s risk. It is the responsibility of the vendors, individually or collectively, to arrange for security for their vendor space.

Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC and its affiliates will not be responsible for the security of each individual vendor space.

CONTRACTED SPACES: Vendors agree not to assign, sublease, subcontract, apportion or share the whole or part of the exhibit space assigned. Vendors in violation of this agreement will be subject to loss of space.

PLEASE NOTE: The location will be clearly marked and limited to the dimensions requested by the applicant. Vendor will be charged for any space used beyond the reserved location. No vendor banners, promotions, displays, are allowed outside the assigned space or they will be removed by Event Management.

Posted maps at the event will indicate vendor location.

Subject to terms and conditions set forth herein, for the duration of the Event, Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC and its affiliates grants to Vendor and Vendor hereby accepts a non transferable license to us this location for the Vendor’s use including the non-transferable right to sell/display products.

Vendor agrees not to conduct interviews or demonstrations, distribute advertising material, display signs, canvas or otherwise solicit any business or conferences in the interest of business for any business other than one for which exhibit is requested. Neither Vendor’s conduct, nor conduct of representatives, may infringe upon or otherwise interfere with rights and privileges of other Vendors or of persons participating in the event.

CHARACTER OF EXHIBIT: vendor agrees to use the Location and conducts its business in an orderly and lawful manner and abide by all applicable laws and all rules and regulations prescribed by Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC and its affiliates. Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC reserves the right to restrict, prohibit, or remove any exhibits or exhibitors that within the Management’s opinion may be offensive or detract from the general character of the Event, including without limitations persons, noise, items, conduct, printed material, or anything of an objectionable character, which may be detrimental to other exhibits or the Event. Vendor must keep the location open and adequately staffed at all times during the Event. Aisle ways must be kept clear and personal items stowed within the location. No product sampling of Food or Beverage permitted unless you are an official food vendor.


INSPECTION: Authorized representatives of Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC shall have access to the Location for reasonable inspection purposes at any time. In the sole judgment of Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC, if vendor possess or sells any improper materials or engages in improper or unlawful conduct at the Event, Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC will give Vendor notice to cease and desist such activity. If vendor fails to promptly comply, Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC may immediately terminate this Agreement and revoke the rights granted to Vendor hereunder, in which case Vendor must immediately evacuate the Location and the Rental fee shall NOT be refundable.

PARKING PASSES: Vendors will be issued with one (1) parking pass for a 10 x 10 booth. Additional passes up to a maximum of three (3) may be available for larger booths. Names of staff members and vehicle license plate are to be submitted for each Parking Pass.

SIGNAGE AND PROMOTIONAL BRANDING: displayed on the exterior structure or perimeter of vendor booth or trailer space will be restricted only to Official sponsor brands. Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC reserves the right to approve exterior signage and promotional branding to ensure vendor brands promoted are not in conflict with Official Event Sponsors. Signage and Promotional Branding is defined as: banners, posters, logoed table linens, flags, tents and any logoed item to be used as marketing of a brand that is not an Official Event Sponsor.

VENDOR agrees not to manufacture and/or the distribution of watches, clocks and other equipment which is directly or indirectly related to timing, watches, clocks, timing devices, sports timekeeping, scoring, on-venue results systems, data-handling, countdowns, or scoreboards, as well as jewelry brands associated with watches where the majority of the watches are in a comparable price segment as LONGINES watches. With regard to the jewelry brands associated with watches where the majority of the watches are in a comparable price segment as LONGINES watches, an exemplary, non-exhaustive overview of brands which are considered as of the date of this Agreement to fall under such category are: Chopard, Montblanc, Rolex, Movado, Ebel, Fred, Cartier, De Grisogono, Bulgari, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Dunhill, Hermes, Tag Heuer, David Yurman, Maurice Lacroix, Baume & Mercier, Tudor,
Raymond Weil, Rolex, Ralph Lauren, Harry Winston, Graff. For the avoidance of doubt, fashion and apparel brands that sell watches where the majority of the watches are in a comparable price segment but watches are not a significant part of their business (as will need to be discussed between the parties in good faith), also fall within the Brand Sector.

Vendor agrees neither Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC, its affiliates, nor the owner or operator of the event facility shall be liable or otherwise responsible for lost shipments to or from the event grounds or for any type of moving cost, including damages incurred in the course of moving. If the exhibit fails to arrive, VENDOR is nevertheless responsible for the payment of all exhibit space reservations and rental fees. Tryon/WEG LLC shall not be liable or otherwise responsible for any damages to, loss, or theft of property belonging to Vendor or to any of the representatives, agents, employees, business invitees, visitors or guests or for any personal injury to Vendor or to aforementioned persons, unless such damage, loss, theft, or personal injury was proximately caused by gross negligence of Tryon/WEG LLC. Nor shall the owner or operator of the event facility be liable of otherwise responsible for such damages, loss, theft, or personal injury. Vendor is liable for and agrees to pay promptly and all damage to event facility or its equipment, which damage is caused by Vendor, or by any of its representatives, agents, or employees. No claims for injury to any person or damage to or loss of any property on account of fire, theft, or any other cause, shall be made against Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC, its affiliates, officers or agents by or on behalf of the Vendor on account
of this agreement.

Vendor agrees to indemnify Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC and to hold harmless of and from all claims for personal injury, death, or property damage and any other losses, damages, or expenses, including attorney’s fees, which arise out of, in connection with, or by any reason the use of space provided herein, by Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC. Vendor further agrees to undertake at its own expense the defense of any action that may be brought against Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC claiming damages which are alleged to have arisen out of or by reason of the use of space, provided herein, by Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC

CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE: Vendor to carry and keep in force liability insurance with combined limits of liability for personal injury (including death) and property damage of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. The additional insureds shall be named as additional insured parties. Operator shall furnish Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC, with a certificate of liability insurance in conformity with this paragraph as a precondition to exercising its rights hereunder. The Operator shall carry Workers Compensation as required by law. Additional Insured shall be Tryon/WEG 2018 LLC, 25 International Blvd., Mill Spring NC 28756

LESSOR must apply for a Business Registration Application for Income Tax Withholding, Sales and Use Tax, and Machinery and Equipment Tax (NC-BR) from the NC Department of Revenue and submit State of NC Sales Tax ID prior to establishment of retail unit. The certificate received from the NC Department of Revenue must be on display within the store. LESSEE is subject to North Carolina State sales tax on all retail sales. Collections to be made by the North Carolina Department of Revenue. For information on how to obtain this certificate, visit the NC Department of Revenue website: http://www.dornc.com/electronic/registration/index.html

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